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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Poppy's Thai

Poppy's Thai

You know when you want to go to a restaurant and it is empty but fully booked and then you have to find some place else. This was one of those times and i forgot to check the reviews. As you enter they have a door in the middle which was a bit odd but the decor' was cute and they tried to give you that feel you are in Thailand.


The staff are polite and they gave us some prawn crackers to start with. The prawn crackers tasted like they had been freshly deep fried whereas some places give you old stale ones.

For mains i ordered a Beef Gang Dang which had Beef, red chilli curry, coconut milk, bamboo, zucchini and pumpkin. The beef was not the best cuts but still tasted alright, the pumpkin fell apart  so i could not complain about that but the curry was a bit bland. It was not a thick curry but a bit watery but i did enjoy the bamboo as i don't think i have had it before. If it had better meat i could have ignored the curry consistency. Was it the worst curry i have ever had...No it was not but not the best by far. Melbourne has such an amazing selection of Thai restaurants that if it is not up to scratch it will get left behind.

My wife ordered a whole fish with hot and sour sauce. We still are not sure what fish it was and i don't think she knew as well but we did not get sick or die so it could not have been that bad.  The fish was cooked well and fell apart but it was not De-boned. I don't knoq what i could tell you about the flavour because it was nothing mind blowing but as i said the fish was cooked well.

Thank goodness the staff are friendly and the place is clean.
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart
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