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Monday, 27 July 2015

Deko Boko

Deko Boko

This is my 100 Blog so i am really happy as i have persevered this long... Anyway  Deko Boko has only been around for 7 months. We had been invited to go try this place so we thought why not. I would not call it completely traditional but it had that aspect to it. It is a narrow restaurant that is long and can fit a fair amount of people. It was very quiet when we arrived but got busier when we left.
 I normally worry about parking in the city / Richmond but after 6:30pm parking is free out the front so we had no problem at all.

It is a very clean restaurant with random displays to which i did not expect.

I ordered a Japanese rice lager beer which was very light and not bitter so it was easy to drink. Kim ordered a Whisky Sour and i was impressed with it as it tasted like a Whisky Sour should,  as some places use cheap alcohol so it not sweet or have that Whisky taste.

For Entrees we ordered the Pork Gyoza and it came with three sauces, light soy sauce , chili mayo sauce and a sesame sauce. The gyoza skin is light and the filling was juicy. I love chili so i added it but it did not really need sauce as the flavours inside were perfect.

We also ordered a Bao to share We ordered a vegetable croquette and the bao was light and fluffy, the croquette was crispy and that sauce added a bit of sweetness. Normally we would order Pork but we wanted something different and we were happy with our choice.

For my mains i ordered the Wagyu beef curry and it was not a spicy but a sweeter curry and the beef was cooked really well as it melted in your mouth and was an amazing dish.

We had a concoction of a dessert that had green tea ice cream, red bean ice cream and black bean ice cream i think. It had fresh bananas and strawberries, it was a very refreshing dessert and the ice creams did not have that icy taste like some that have been defrosted then refrozen.

The staff are very pleasant and i was happy with the restaurant overall i will go back in the future.
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart
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