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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Pour Over Copper Stand

Pour Over Copper Stand
Over the last few days, work has been super quiet...I am lucky enough to be able to do what I want at these times. After getting my inspiration from Pinterest I decided to  build the Copper pour over stand

First I took a 1.5m copper pipe.
Measured out the legs at 17cm (height is personal preference)
added some copper caps

Then I added 4 right angle joiners.
I cut out 4 * 3cm pieces
 I added T Junctions

I cut out 4 * 6cm pieces for the middle  

After I joined all the pieces. I then took it apart and used super glue to hold it together. Which was a slow process as you want it to be level.

Time to polish it up with Vinegar. :)

After Kim having a crap day we decided to have Pho' for dinner so we went to a little Vietnamese place around the corner called Pho' Hoang. It is a bit outdate d├ęcor but staff are friendly. 

Bean shoots and coriander I think lol, chilli and lime for the pho'

 Sliced beef pho'
Here is a recipe..Beef pho
I am too lazy to make it.

And Kim had roast pork
As I had a craving for spring roles

 It was a really filling meal and perfect for the 11 degree night. I really should try make Pho' sometime. Anyway once I paint my whisky rack I will load the images.

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Dale Stewart