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Monday, 19 May 2014

Richmond hill Lader + Whisky Rack

Richmond hill Larder + Whisky Rack
It has been very quiet at work recently, so the company I work at  allows me to do what I want when its quiet. I decided to make a whisky rack for my friend as he got me into whisky.


I had to bring my drop saw from home, I realised I shared photo's on snapchat so I don't have them saved .
First you get a pallet. then you work out how long you want it to be I made it 60cms long and 50cms high. Cut and nail...that simple

Then I spent two days chroming at work because stain stinks really bad.

I was happy with how it turned out, so I gave it to him yesterday for his birthday.

For Lunch we went to Richmond Hill Larder on Bride road. The coffee was pretty average but the food was good.

Angus Beef Burger
Bagel with bacon and egg

Eggs, mushrooms, beans and toast
Vegetarian risotto

We stopped at purvis beer on the way home and bought a range of Ale's, Stouts.
Our friend wanted the Rodenbach 2011 Vintage beer.

The flavours were amazing, sweet yet bitter. You could taste cherries, vinegar and a little bit of chocolate. It is meant to be drunk warm which I have never done. Its worth a try for something different.
It has been a lovely weekend, pretty chilled but pleasant.
Have a lovely day
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Dale Stewart