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Monday, 5 October 2015

Enjoying Free Time

Enjoying Free Time
A couple of months ago i came across a blog as i do randomly and he is a photographer His name is Jeff . I really liked what he did and especially like the photos of a water and wanted to achieve the same thing. After reading his blog i ordered a Circular Polarizer filter. My filter arrived today and  I don't often get a chance to go out after work and enjoy the weather but today was a perfect day. I finished work at 4:30 went home grabbed my camera and went straight to the beach. The temperature was 99F with a cool breeze. I also remembered when my friend gave me his camera he gave me a spare lens so i took that with me to play around with it. The Circular Polarizer filter (CPL) removes the glare and gives you a sharper picture. 


I had some photos from last week that i had not put up yet so i decided to load them up as well.


Which photo do you like? I love the Sausage dog one
I hope these brighten up your day.
Kind Regards
Dale Stewart