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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Coffee List COffee Number 2

Coffee List Number 2

As I look into the Coffee List, looking into our pantry to see what we have and what we needed for my next drink. I really wanted to make the one with the egg yolk, But we had no brown sugar. So instead I decided to make the one with honey and cinnamon instead. I know you have seen some of these steps before but might as well load them up anyway ;)

 As usual i still use 9 grams of coffee, i have used about 1 teaspoon of honey.

Finally just a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. the honey just adds a bit of sweetness if you have crappy beans. ( so i am probably wasting my good ones). It was fun making different types of coffee. I bought my brown sugar and condensed milk last night so in the next few weeks i will attempt at making a range of different coffees and add pictures.

Kim and I have come accustomed to brunches with close friends, great food and amazing coffee.. Today was different we went with my parents.  Coffee was alright  but nothing spectacular so no photos.

       Big Breakfast                                         Poached eggs on toast
     Omelet                                                     B.L.T Roll

We usually have dinner with them so it was a lovely treat to do.
Tomorrow if work is quiet copper pour over stand .  Probably end up on regretsy. Anyway time for bed after a busy day of eating and drinking.
Kind e-gards
Dale Stewart