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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Korean Dinner

After a crap day at work, and some dick rear ending Kim, we decided to go to our favorite Korean restaurant, its a small place but the food is fresh and filling.

When we arrived it had a few people, by the time we started eating it was quiet,

With Korean food you generally get all you can eat Kimchi, honey potatoes, brocoli and other random bits and pieces.

The drinks are so small you need at least 2 ;). I had my corona, the ladies had pear drink with pear pieces in it.

Spicy rice cakes, its a sweet yet spicy dish with sweet potato noodles in it.

Beef So Bulgogi which is sizzling plate with beef and veggies marinated in soy sauce. Not really spicy but sweet and full of flavour.

Beef Dolsot Bibimbap, its beef served in a hot stone pot.  we leave it so the rice gets crispy at the bottom of the pot. You mix a bowl of chilli into it to add some spice. Its an amazing dish.
So much food we have some left for lunch except we are going to brunch with friends.

I would highly reccomend  this place for a cheap yet satisfying meal.
Kind regards

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