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Monday, 3 November 2014



It is such a hard thing to do, my original few have been too cluttered and after our friend Sara-h updated hers i felt like i needed to do mine. I have been playing around with many ideas over the last few months. What is my main focus? Coffee, whisky, Renovations, Cafe's or general crap. But being the philosophical kind of guy i am, i  decided to go my roots and think about what has kept me going since i was 14/15. Caffeine ( not just coffee) has helped me for a long time. I am not sure about this logo but it is less cluttered and i think my focus will still mainly be on coffee and Cafe's but my random crap will just fit in :)

I Realised that i did not actually explain my logo completely.
With the image i was trying to decide between my chemex / clever dripper or pour over.
The reason i had to use the pour over was because all the other items are too light..well glass is not a good option and i could not get the right shape for my image.

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Kind E-Gards
Dale Stewart