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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Taste Of Melbourne

Our friends invited us to go to the Taste of Melbourne show on Thursday night, the show is at Albert Park. If you follow the Formula 1, every year they block off the park and transform it into a race track. Otherwise you can normally drive around it. 

I don't follow the Formula 1, but Melbourne goes absolutely crazy about it. We arrived just after 7pm and found parking.

With all festivals here it was surrounded with a fence, pity the entrance was not that pretty. But once you got inside . When you entered you had to buy a "crown card" and put money on it to buy food and drinks. One crown equalled one Dollar. The Rekorderlig tent was in the entrance inside.

We did not actually even go in here, I don't know why but anyway.

It was a big area and took a while to walk around, it is designed more for drinkers as there was a huge selection of wines, beers, ciders and some tequila and vodkas.

 The first tent had coconut water, then was a muesli tent or Yousli. They had a wide variety or you can make custom orders of it and get it shipped directly to your door. They had interesting flavours and was a nice way to start the festival.

We decided to get some food from Movida, We wanted some meat so we got the Pinchito Morunos. It was Lamb marinated in moorish spices and cooked over charcoal.

The lamb was tender and sweet with a bit of a chili bite afterwards.

One tent was full of Dilmah Tea but me being a coffee person did not really take much notice of what they had. I met this really nice guy who started Pics Peanut Butter, he was a very friendly guy and the peanut butter was really fresh and tasty. I forgot to get a Jar but he said he was starting to sell it at Coles Supermarket so i will have to get a jar next time i see it.

Now that Kim can drink some beer , we got beers from the Temple Brewing Company. We got a Hefeweizen and a Lambic. The Lambic was very sour but still amazing and kim enjoyed her Hef, it was light wheaty and fruity.

I have seen First Press Coffee in Spilt Milk and always wanted to taste it. I got my chance to taste it and i really enjoyed it. If i need a cold coffee i know what to get and where from.

After beers and coffee it was time for a cocktail, I had the Wild Turkey spice with freshly squeezed apple juice and it was refreshing.

 The Vineyard was filled with a variety of Wineries suppliers and you could drink a whole selection from all over Australia.

 We had a bit of money at the end so our friend Lee said we should put our money together and buy a last meal, I had a $1 left..( so I owe them coffee)  We ordered two Smoked Ora King Salmon. It had salmon, croutons, capers and lemon oil, because it was 9:30pm and closed they gave us a Blue murray cod & Green mango salad.

It was dark by the time we left.
It was an amazing night and we really enjoyed ourselves.
Thank you Lee & Vena.
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Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart