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Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Common Man

The Common Man
Common Man on Urbanspoon

On Tuesday night we decided to go to south wharf for dinner, the prices at restaurants vary a lot. We wanted something a bit cheaper and saw that The Common Man had $10 Pizzas and they looked lovely. It is a big place that has good decorations. We saw that there was Funky Bunch Trivia and we have done it a few times before in Mordialloc and is always fun. We  had a group of six of us and thought it would be a good night, the staff was very accommodating and made space for us.


    For drinks i had a Doppelbock Beer and it is very malty and dark. It is always nice to try something different.
Kim had a alcoholic Ginger beer and it tasted like normal ginger beer, could not taste the alcohol at all. She really enjoyed it. 
For mains i had a Lamb pizza with shredded lettuce, pumpkin and other bits and pieces. It was amazing, the crust was crispy and the meat was tender. I would go back for it

 Kim had the Vegetarian burger on Brioche bread and it was massive.

I could not take many photo as the trivia had started. If you get caught playing with your phone you loose points and we could not afford to do that. The trivia lasted about 2 hours and they have games as well. It costs nothing and you can win prices, first, second and third get prizes and second last wins two bottles of wine.
We really enjoyed the night and I don't agree with the negative comments Urban Spoon.
We will be back.

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Kind E-Gards
Dale Stewart


  1. Great review. I like dark beers. I've never seen a ginger beer with alcohol in it. The ginger flavor is delicious.

    1. We went to a festival last night and had lychee cider. That was amazing

  2. OMG Ginger beer is the shit! We have Crabbie's here, and it is my crack. I was drinking it all summer, SO GOOD. That pizza looks amazing! Ugh, I am so hungry right now, mail me that pizza!

  3. Replies
    1. The portions were sized ok for the price. I think it is more about the quality than the quantity for this place