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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Home Run

Home Run

We have been in this house for 4 months now, we have painted 2 out of 4 bedrooms, the kitchen, lounge, the dinner room and entertainment room. I know we still have bathrooms to do but we will get there. Painting is a painful thing, well just slow. Once you set up and then start going it is not too bad. We have finally put up pictures so it is now feeling like a home not a house. If you have never moved you don't really understand what it is like.  When you move as many times as i have you would understand the feeling.

Putting up a picture wall is hard work, first you lie them on the ground and spend hours arranging them until you are happy with the layout, Then you start the process  of hanging each one up.

I love looking at the photos as they bring back lots of memories, weddings, parties, overseas trips and general shenanigans. But what is a life if we don't have the memories. I can't wait till our next holiday.

Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart