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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Stagger Lee's

Stagger Lee's on Urbanspoon

I was invited to go try this restaurant out yesterday, this place being Proud Mary's sister cafe' has a very similar feel. Very hipsterish with its fancy lights and its industrial walls. 

Its table displays are cold drips, it has a nice selection of pastries. I was told the coffee croissant is meant to be really good.

For drinks i ordered the Panama pour over and it was strange, i could not place what the different flavours are, sweet fruity but it had other flavours. This coffee bean can be used for espresso as well as filter so i also tried it as an espresso. Not many beans can work with espresso and filter, well it will work but the flavours will not be right.

 Our friend had the Caramel Pixie Gangsta Milkshake, it had salted caramel with chocolate chunks. It was really sweet and crunchy and huge. It is big enough for 2 people.

For lunch i ordered the the Butteril Fried Chicken and it was absolutely sensational, The chicken was really crispy but in the middle was so tender and not dry. It came with cauliflower. It was so balanced,  one of the best meals i have had in a long time and i don't often say that.

Our friend ordered the Shrooms 'n' Truffles, it had roasted pine mushrooms with truffled polenta, egg yolk and toast. 

The last order was the Fitz-Royale, it had Asparagus, cashews, avocado and a poached egg.

For dessert we shared the Coco Pop and salted caramel french toast. It was so well balanced, the sweetness from the ice cream and coco pops, but the raspberry gave it a bit of tartness  and crunchiness from the honeycomb. 

The food and coffee was outstanding, it has not been around for a long time and i know once people catch onto this place it will be impossible to get into. While it is new and quiet i will have to make the most of it.

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Dale Stewart

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