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Sunday, 27 July 2014


Copperfields on Urbanspoon

On Friday night Kim and I wanted to go somewhere that we hadn't been in a while. We wanted to go for a drive to the local mountain.We live in an amazing area, 30minutes to the beach and 30 minutes the other way to the mountain.  It was a cold wet night, The restaurant was doing Christmas in July so the place had all decorations around.

 It is quite inviting as you walk in and the waiters are friendly. We sat down in the back corner so it was quiet.

I got my beer and Kim had her cider

Kim has realised that she likes wheaty, hoppy beer so she liked my Hefeweizen, I like them because they taste like bubblegum.

I had the Asian Pork Belly, it was pork belly marinated in garlic and ginger. It had a broth with black beans.  It was sweet, sour but a slight chili taste after. It was amazing.

Kim had the twice cooked pork belly, with spicy lentils and crackling. It just melted in your mouth. The crackling was so crunchy and perfect. Maybe that's why it took just under an hr to get our meal?
other than that it was amazing.
After dinner we really wanted desert so we got the Honeycomb and Frangelico Semi Fredo.
I thought what the heck is that, it is a milk chocolate ganache (the stuff in macaroons).

We love desert, and it was really good. its just works so well together. It is one of those restaurants that can can go for a romantic meal.

Even with the wait for the meal it was still a lovely night and we will be back.

 Kind e-gards
Dale Stewart