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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Mount Hotham

Mount Hotham

After a few weeks of planning, it was time to leave the city and head to the snow. It was a beautiful cold day we left (only later to find that it snowed in Melbourne that day). About 5 hrs of driving we got into bright, still about 40 min drive to Mount Hotham.

I love the country, all the history and who doesn't love Alpacas. By the time we got to start the drive up the mountain it was snowing quite a bit and it was dark.

 Thank god my friend was driving as I hate driving in the mountains when i don't know where i am going. The place we stayed at was like a 2 story apartment. Living / dining / entertainment room and kitchen upstairs. all bedrooms downstairs.
For dinner I had a burger and our friends had Tapas.

 They had a big selection of beers, wine and cocktails.

After dinner we unpacked some stuff.

I love the chips expanded with the altitude. :)

Our view from the kitchen. After our coaching session Kim and I spent the afternoon just enjoying each others company. We did a lot of walking around. 

On the way back we did a 30 min detour to Beechworth, the town where Ned Kelly lived and killed. It is such an amazing town. We went to a famous honey shop.

While in the town our friend told us about a Brewery...who could say no right?

 After a 3 hour drive we finally got home. It has been an amazing relaxing weekend. Spending it with friends and lots of Beer, ribs, whiskey and burgers. 

Kind e-gards
Dale Stewart