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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Aeropress Instructions + Vlog

Here is my Vlog.

Sorry its been awhile since i have done a Blog, Life is hectic and so is work. I have gotten a trial of a new position so i actually need to do work.

I like doing aeropress's as it is quick and strong. I got a new Climax Grinder which is massive but such a good constant grind.

You have two types of filters a fine mesh version and a paper version. The paper removes some of the oils. Today i used the paper version.

It comes in 3 pieces, the plunger, the chamber and the filter cap. I use about 14.5 grams of coffee. (Depends on the bean.)

Add the coffee, then add about 40grams of water give a quick stir. After 90sec  give it one more stir.

 Flip it over and plunge down slowly.
I forgot to take a pic of the coffee.
Will hopefully do some blogging on our Renovations which will soon be a priority over coffee blogs. Need to do a brunch blog as well :)
Thanks again
Kind regards
Dale Stewart