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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Grand Tofu

We have been coming here on and off for about 7 years. (well the old restaurant) It is nice and clean. quiet small. The staff are not really friendly but the food is good. But then it is cheap so you can't really complain. The menu's had been used a few times, not sure when they had been changed. The food is all very simple.
For dinner I had the "homemade noodle fish ball soup",  after adding some fresh chilli and a bit of soy it was tasty. It just needed a little bit of something for some more flavours.

I love it when the fish balls explode when you eat them. Their was a lot of them as well. Some places just give you one or two. The tofu was fresh and fell apart when you ate it.

Kim had the vegetarian spinach dumpling soup

It had a lot of different types of vegetables. Also needed some chilli...Maybe we just like chilli

It was a cheap meal and filling. Perfect for a cold night like last night.
We will be back
Kind E-gards ;)
Dale Stewart