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Saturday, 19 July 2014


On Thursday night for dinner we decided to go for Japanese. Not many places have a 3 course meal or Soup, Entree main and a drink for $16 so to me thats a BARGAIN. The food is always amazing and filling.

For starters 
I had Miso Soup, it is always so fresh and perfect to start a meal.

The Agedashi Tofu was sweet yet satisfying, they have the biggest piece of tofu.

My Greet Tea Smoothie arrived  and it is big and heavy. It is so creamy and doesn't taste like a dodgy flavour

For mains I had Chicken Katsu Curry. Its not spicy just a slight flavour of curry but the flavours work. Nothing is over empowering.

Kim shared my miso soup and had the mixed tempura.  She can't finish the whole thing as it is massive.
Our friends had the vegetable gyoza. It looked great, next time i will get it

 They had the Cream Karaokke
Some random photos because i can

I really like this photo of Kim and myself. It was a lovely night out and we will be back.
Kind e-gards ;)


  1. Mmm... good Japanese food is delightful. I love miso and tofu. Their healthfulness is an added bonus.

  2. TWO OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE <3 You guys have such great taste in food. You have inspired me to do more posts on local eats. We are really tight on money at the moment, but I am thinking soon.

  3. Remember Sara, you got me started on blogging :D, Kim gets annoyed at me because I blog too much, Instagram is her fault because I have an addictive personality and once i start it is hard to stop. My friend is trying to get me addicted to it is amusing.
    Don't think i have forgotten about you as well Shybiker thank you for your support I love your imputs :)