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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Nobu Hollywood

Nobu on Urbanspoon Nobu

 In February we did a month long trip, we had some amazing food and some terrible food. That can happen in any country. Kim loves fine dining, usually there is not enough food for me. In this instance I had plenty of food. We had been to the Nobu Crown Casino in Melbourne and we thought that was really good. Nobu West Hollywood really out did themselves. It was absolutely  amazing


We both had cocktails to start, Kim had a elderflower cocktail (If any one can correct me let me know lol) , I had a Yamazaki Sidecar.

The restaurant was beautifully lit. It was so clean. In Melbourne its suit dress code but in Hollywood people wore jeans and t-shirts and that was a bit strange to us.

For Starters we had crab sushi.

 We had an assortment of food, Lobster, Crab, Eel, Wagyu Beef, Tuna I wish i had taken notes. I looked at the menu to try and jog my memory but it has changed. It was still worth it

One day we will hopefully go back.

I really will have to do a blog with actual holiday pictures.
Kind regards
Dale Stewart