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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Kim has always wanted plantation shutters so in November we decided to get some quotes, how hard should it be?
We called about 3 different companies and all the prices had been comparable. Then we came across The Modern Group but they are very disorganized  and after multiple cancellations we nearly gave up on them but they finally came over and gave us a quote. Most people don't like them because there has to be both partners in the house when they do the quotation so you they can get you to sign up on the spot. The products are very good and the price was right. We also got an electric security shutter for the spare room because it is too light for me.

Here is the photo before we moved in.

We received a call on monday saying that the shutters are ready and they can come in on tuesday, we told them that we work and was not possible, they suggested we just take the day off which is not possible when you get the call late afternoon? 
The installer said he could do it on Saturday which we really appreciated, he arrived at 11am and was really nice.

 I started to remove the curtains and because the person who installed the original curtains used random screws which i don't have drill bits for, The shutter guy removed them or me.

They put all the frames together outside then brought them in and they sit inside the window frame and get screwed in.

Plantation shutters give you more space and look amazing, especially that we can close the top sections and leave the bottom open for the cat while we watch a movie so the light does not reflect off the screen.We got three done, two in the lounge and one in the bedroom.

This is another photo when we brought this house

We ordered the shutters in January so it took just under 4 months to make.

The security shutter only took about a month to build and install.

Do you have plantation shutters?

Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart