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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Whisky Tasting

Whisky Tasting.
Last night my friend took me to my first whisky tasting as a birthday present. This was a different one to a normal whisky tasting as he said normally you sit around and the presenter will tell you about each whisky  and all the flavours. Last night you got a stamp card and could try 10 different single casks. Unfortunately they did forget to stamp them on the passport sometimes our 10 drink was closer to 14/15 drinks. 

 There was a mixture of them, one from Japan Kawasaki  and the rest from Scotland like Grants, Ardbeg.  It is always interesting trying so many types over a short period. We started at 4pm and finished at 8pm 

I ended up buying a bottle.
After the tasting we we thought we should go to some cocktail bars We went to Eau De Vie which is a 1950's style bar with the waiters in suits and the drinks are amazing (similar to the Rum house in New york).  I have no idea what I was drinking by that stage. Then we went to 1806 which has newer styles of cocktails.

After waking up this morning I needed my coffee.
We need to go buy coffee beans so we can make pour overs and my favorite Chemex.\

Kind Regards
Dale Stewart