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Monday, 22 September 2014

Beyond Basic Specialty Coffee

Beyond Basic Specialty Coffee on Urbanspoon

I remember the first time i spoke to Ken, it was a couple of years ago.  He is like me good looking and passionate..He is so passionate about his coffee and food and also takes so much pride in what he does. It doesn't matter what day or time i go to Oak room  and its consistent. He has brought his passion and love to Port Melbourne. Its a lovely looking cafe that is freshly painted, just wait till summer and you taste his cold drip coffee, you won't want to leave. We went for lunch on Saturday and I am sorry because a few photo's did not turn out well as it was a beautiful day.
I think it is a butterfly coming out of a cup, our friends thought it was the steam from the coffee. They said it was the best coffee they have ever had.
Kim and i shared a Filter coffee from Panama and it was a Ninety Plus.
The coffee was amazing it was sweet, fruity and so amazing. I just love how you get the flavours you do. People ask me why i will pay $20 for a cup of coffee and i ask why do you pay $20 for a cocktail? It is the quality and how rare it is. They have a limited edition of some beans but i have never been disappointed with the quality of coffee.

 For lunch i had a Black fish burger, i was told the fish had arrived 15 minutes before we got there. The burger was amazing and as i said the fish was fresh and cooked to perfection, sweet and juicy. The bun tasted strange but not in a bad way, more like i could not describe it. If you are in Melbourne you need to try it...seriously

Kim had the pork belly sandwich and it was cooked so it fell apart in your mouth, it was perfect. The salad was fresh. 

Our friend had the Quinoa salad and she said it was fantastic. Like with all the other food it was fresh and tasty, it had a bit of everything in it.
 They have a selection of pastry's as well. We had a coconut chilli doughnut. It was not overly sweet but tasty with a hint of the chilli afterwards. It was different and i would eat it again.

We had a almond and lemon doughnut. It was completely different to the other doughnut and we really enjoyed both of them.
After a massive lunch you can go down to Saint Kilda and walk off all that amazing food

I would highly recommend Beyond basic to anyone in the area and we will go back.
Thanks again for an amazing meal.
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart