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Monday, 2 June 2014

Seven Seeds Cafe'

Kim and I have been going to Seven Seeds for the last year on and off. Its about a 40 min drive from our place, but we love the coffee. The flavours are amazing. Their espresso  tastes like coke, its strange but true.
We decided to have brunch with friends who we have not seen in ages. It was a lovely morning.

The Decor is kind of kitschy but nice. The staff are friendly and the food came pretty promptly. Since doing this blog it has taught me more about photos and placement, i need to take photos of the menu as i don't often recall what other people ate. I am good like that.

We had the Ethiopian Pour over, its was a bit sweet yet fruity.

If their is a Pulled Pork burger i have to try it, this is definitely a decent sized one and the flavours are amazing, sweet yet juicy.

I have no idea what the others are but they all looked good. I will to try and find out.
We really enjoy going there and is worth a try if you like coffee.

Kind regards
Dale Stewart
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