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Friday, 2 June 2017

Auction Room Harold Pajoy

Auction Room Harold Pajoy

Google is amazing, it told me i have not been to Auction room since 2015. Its crazy that it knows exactly when, where and how long you go to places. I was going past so i dropped in for a quick coffee and to get beans for filter. I have not done any filter coffee's in a while so i felt like i needed to make some more.
I had an amazing latte, it was so fruity and light.
The beans i got are from La Plata in Columbia, the Altitude is about 1200M - 1500M ASL which means it should have the citrus and chocolaty flavours.

This morning i made a Pour Over, it was good but not amazing so i need to adjust the grind.

It finished pouring at 2Min 30 sec which is too quick but it was still good. I get to start playing around with the grind and i will keep you updated on progress.
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart