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Thursday, 8 January 2015



Laziness is a terrible thing, I have not done an update in ages and it not because i have been that busy but i lost motivation which is not a good thing because we are only a week into a new year. Every year i think i should make a resolution but i never know what to do. The only thing i want to do or get better at is latte' art. For those of you who don't know what latte art is, it is a pattern that people make on their coffee's to make it look awesome.

It is not that easy, it requires a steady hand and perfectly frothed milk. Here is a selection of Latte Art images. Over the christmas break i had 2 weeks off work and Kim and i had one week together. This has never happened so it was nice to spend the time with her.  
We went to a place called B-east Burger. It was very busy but the food was really good. The meat was fresh and good quality.

 I had Pho' from The Local Taphouse and it was a massive serve and went well with my beer.

We had Thai food from Jindai Thai and as always it is fresh and tasty.

We had our friends birthday and played Cards Against Humanity. I also started repainting our old Ikea furniture so will do a blog post when i am done. I don't know if i accomplished anything from start to finish. Normally there is five of us but this week was my boss and i so  has bought me a coffee every day which is nice. I also found out i passed my trial and will be the permanent sales rep so i will be doing interstate work.

This year is going to be a challenging year but i can't wait.
Thanks for reading
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart

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  1. The best way to blog is to integrate it into your life. If you go to a nice restaurant, blog about that. If you learn a new latte art design, post that. Don't force blogging or it'll lose its appeal. Just consider your blog to be a window into the life you're already leading.

    I find that when I improve my life (by trying new things, etc.), my blog improves. Good luck!