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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Dandenong Festival Of Lights

Dandenong Festival Of Lights

Last night we caught up with some friends and we had some dinner then decided to go to the Chinese Lantern Festival, it was a cold windy night with patches of rain but that did not stop us.We arrived at about 8:30 pm  and it was fairly busy but as the rain started it emptied out quickly. Its good when its quieter as no one gets in your way when taking photos.

As you entered there was a row of moons on each side and each moon had a different facial expression.

The castle was made up of plates and cups which must have taken a long time to make which is worth a visit to see.

They had a Finding Nemo section which i did not expect.


The man turned around and would "pee" at certain points which was random and funny, I have never seen children being so excited about being peed on.

They had plenty of Pandas.

 The African section was random but that's what i like anyway.

I was not a fan of the Australian section.

The zodiac section made us all laugh.

I am not sure why but the rooster they called it cock not cockerel but this is not the first time. My friend had a animal chart that has animals on it. It also says the name of the animal like cat, dog, fish, bird and also says cock.

 The festival had a mystical section

Did you go or have been to a festival like this?
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart