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Thursday, 11 December 2014


Hophaus on Urbanspoon

Unless you know what you are looking at you will miss it, we walked walked past the shopping center. It is upstairs in South bank Promenade. 

We walked in and it was pretty quiet and that suited us as we just wanted to have some beer and relax. We ordered the tasting paddle, 4 beers and a pulled pork roll for $19, that is cheap here. It was a beautiful afternoon so we sat outside and watched the boats go past. It is always busy in the area,  lots of cyclist and runners as well.

I love tasting paddles because you can get a variety of beers and not have to drink that much,  The  Pulled Pork roll was amazing, not too sweet and just fell apart. it also had crackling on top and that was a good topping. Overall it was a great experience and top value. It is a lovely restaurant / bar and i would definitely come back again,

Thank you for reading.

Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart