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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Hints & Tricks For Filter

Hints & Tricks For Filter

 I have been using a lot of different filter beans and honestly i prefer doing filter because I find it easier to control and when doing espresso's and latte' you can waste a lot of beans getting the right grind. Filter coffee are really based on three things.

1: The temperature of the water, I don't use any temp above 94 Degrees as i find it can burn the ground beans.

2: The grind, the grind can vary between Aeropress, Clever dripper, Syphon and Pour Over / Chemex. Using a conical burr grinder is the best way to go to give you a consitant grind.

3: The beans, all beans grind differently so its a bit of practice but worth it.
There are many websites that give you some basic to complex methods but it all comes down to personal taste.

Have i missed anything?
Let me know.
Kind E-gards

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