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Monday, 18 August 2014

A busy weekend, Heaven Adores you

A busy weekend
This weekend was was one of those weekends that was full of ups and downs. We had a lot of painting to do so Friday  night we painted and all of Saturday.

I always hate the preparation for painting but once you start its not too bad. We have a house worth of painting to do. Kim absolutely smashed the painting last week. 
Sunday was a bit more relaxing, she had a high tea at the rendezvous hotel in the city. On the way we stopped off and got some coffee beans as we had nearly run out. It was going to take about 2 hours so i wasn't going to go home. I went to a pub and had a beer by the bay.

I never do that so it was relaxing watching the world go by well drinking my drink. Their is never enough time in a day to enjoy some time to yourself. After the drink it was time to go gamble and anyone who knows me, knows I am a very tight person so I set my massive limit of $10. I love roulette, Odds / Evans or black / white. An hour later and a $15 profit i had to leave to pick up Kim. The reason we went to the city was to go see Heaven Adores you. Kim and I are huge Elliott smith fans. If you saw Good Will Hunting he has a track in it. The music hits a nerve, it is timeless, I still feel the same when i hear his music even 10 years later.

Heaven Adores you was not going to be released any where else. But last week i saw that  they had released another session and Kim and I had to go. The movie went for 1.5 hours but it was amazing. we learnt't  so much more about the person who he was and the music. It was a touching commemoration or tribute to him.
It was special  that we where part of this experience that no one else in Australia might ever see. I felt humbled to be a part of it.

We got a photo with the Director Nickolas Rossi.
After the documentary we went and had dinner at Fomo Thai again.

We had a Pork belly salad and some steak thing that melted in your mouth.
By the time we got home it had been a long relaxing yet emotional day.
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart