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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Syphon / Siphon Coffee

Syphon Coffee

I came across this website for Melbourne's Best Cafe's, so we will have a few good suggestions to go to. Any way  my friend lent me his Coffee Syphon / Siphon for me to play around with. It's not very forgiving, if you leave it too long it gets burnt but not long enough and you don't get the sweet fruity flavours. I still don't get it 100% but i just love the science behind it.

First i do my usual 13 grams of coffee

I used 200 grams of water, last time i used 220 and i had lighter flavour. I really need to do more research but using the flame is not as consistent at the  Halogen light. But it is free so so I am happy with it.
Put it on the heat

As it heats up it forces the water up the spout into the top section

While its heating grind your coffee.

 I had to use a small container to pour the grounds in.

Pour the coffee in the water and stir 5 times around (so the internet said)

 I brewed it for 2 minutes, some people said 1.5 min and others 3 min , i guess its personal preference really.

After the time is up take the flame away and the coffee filters down into the bottom section

My friend made a Syphon using his equipment and here are some pics

The Difference between the 2 coffee Syphons, one is a Hario, the other Bellina Syphon. The heat lamp is more consistent and looks awesome. The coffee was awesome.

Its still trial and error but i enjoy playing around with it.
Thanks again
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