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Monday, 9 June 2014

Little Chloe

Little Chloe on UrbanspoonLittle Chloe

What is becoming a ritual of ours, every Sunday we go out for brunch with friends. We were originally going to go to  Chez Dre, but as things change so did our plans. We ended up going to Little Chloe, we have been there a few times and always enjoyed the food and the coffee. They do all their roasting on site like a lot of the other ones we go to. Good, fresh roasted beans. The place is quite kitschy with pour overs as lights. Our friend gave me his old SLR camera, which I am really grateful  for.  All my pictures today have been taken with it.

We had two types of Pour Over Coffee's. Ethiopian and a Guatemalan. The Ethiopian was lighter and fruitier. The Guatemalan was  a heavier coffee. Both delicious.

 I had the pancakes (more like pikelets), made with passion fruit, pears and maple syrup. It was still amazing.

 Kim had the Samon and poached egg, with feta and mango chutney.
Mel had the Big breakfast with the eggs, bacon, sausages, beans on sourdough bread.

Dolf got the Pulled Pork Bagel with Asian slaw?, pineapple and Peking Sauce 
Another restaurant for our Melbourne friends to try
 Kind egards
Dale Stewart