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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Not a Chippy

Not a Chippy
Another day has gone and again we achieved our goal of building some shelves in the next cupboard, for those who are not Australian and don't know what I mean by a chippy. A chippy is a carpenter and by no means are we carpenters but as usual we gave it our best... First thing was removing the old shelves.

Every shelf / cupboard is build differently in this house like in the kitchen they had glued and nailed the shelves in. In the bedroom they just used a lot of massive nails and in this room they used massive nails and toggle bolts. They used about 2 to 3 toggle bolts per shelf with nails and normally 1 toggle bolt can hold 10kgs. Unless they had planned to put 30kgs minimum it was completely over kill. It took nearly 2 hours to take them off the walls. You have to be carful when removing toggle bolts as they can put massive holes in the walls. 


Constructing them is the easy part as we went to the local hardware store with the measurements and got all the timber cut to size. Then all you have to do is put it in place and screw together. The project took a about 4 hours.

We installed rails to hang clothes off but the total cost for today was  just under $60 to do.
Have you ever tried to install shelves? Now we have to patch and paint.

Thanks for reading.
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