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Thursday, 19 February 2015

On It Burger

On It Burger

On It Burger has some bad reviews... I thought it was not as bad as people thought. It has a diner sort of feel to it.

It has a nice selection of burgers and fries.

I had the Nod burger which had 2 meat patties, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, it was a nice size burger and the meat was good quality. Much better than TGIF but nearly as good as The Local Burger.

We had Parmesan and Truffle fries, the fries where a bit cold but not too bad taste wise. The onion rings where really crispy. 
Kim had the Luke burger and it had a black bun, beef and bacon jam. It was sweet and tasty.

It has a small selection of beers.

It is really close to us compared to The Local Burger but we still enjoyed it. I think if the fries had been hot it would have made them that much better. We will give it another go though.
Have you had it?
What did you think?
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart
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  1. Smash burger just opened up here, and we have yet to try it. I am not overly fond of burgers, unless they are interesting. I like that Luke one that Kim got, it is all black! So cool!

    1. I love my burgers...actually any food as long as it takes good.