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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Izakaya Jiro Grill & Sake Bar

Izakaya Jiro Grill & Sake Bar

 We have behaved lately and not gone out as much because we are saving money for our next holiday, but on Tuesday I really wanted Japanese for dinner so we went to Samurai but it was closed for renovations. There was another Japanese restaurant called  Izakaya Jiro and on urbanspoon it had 89% so that was good enough for us to give it a go. It is  more expensive than Samurai but was still good. The serving sizes weren't as big but i think they went for the higher quality than quantity.


  It is a big place but from the front it looks really small, the decor is lovely and it has a good selection of beers, wines and sake.

 For starters we ordered the lotus root chips and they were crispy and lightly salted, they are probably the best i have ever had.  Our friends ordered a selection of skewers because the sounded different. They ordered some vegetarian and beef. some vegetarian dumplings and some other random dishes

For my main dish i ordered the Beef Yokisoba, it has egg noodles, beef, a selection of vegetables and Katsuobushi (fish flakes). The beef just melted in your mouth and the sauces tasted really good but it was not big enough for me.

Kim ordered the tempura udon and it had the usual udon noodles, tempura battered prawns and mixed vegetables. She said it was very good and plenty of food for her. 

I was still hungry after so we ordered desert. We ordered strawberry mochi, we always enjoy mochi and it was fresh. The skin was not hard and was not easy to take a photo because of how white it was but it was a tasty desert and a great way to finish the meal. 

The food was good and the staff are friendly but it was expensive. It is good to try somewhere different for a change.

Thank you Kathy for the pics as my phone had died again.

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Thanks for reading.
kind E-gards
Dale Stewart
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  1. Yumm. Tasty. I like Japanese food and had some last night, but these dishes are mostly unknown to me. They don't serve them in Japanese restaurants here. I've learned ethnic restaurants here have Americanized menus which differ from elsewhere and lack some of the more exotic dishes.