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Friday, 13 March 2015

Temple Brewery Company

Temple Brewery Company

We have been wanting to go to this brewery for a few months but we always went on the wrong days. Last night we finally organised to go to it.

It has a lovely bright clean outside area which used to be the car park but will be amazing in summer where you can sit and drink while relaxing. When we arrived it was very quiet but slowly got busier as the night progressed.

It is nice and open inside and you can see all the silos that they use to make the beers.

 I had the Cranberry and Hibiscus Lambic, which is a sour beer but still fruity. It was nice to start off with something different.

After my lambic i had my Hefeweizen beer, The last few years my palate has changed a lot, i don't tend to drink as much lager as i used to but now tend to stick to ale's and hef's. 

They have a really nice beer selection and it is well priced.

We also ordered some chips and bacon aioli. The chips were fresh and crispy, the aioli was smoky and a bit tangy but was amazing.

It has a lovely upstairs area that you can hire for functions.

 The staff are friendly and it has a good food selection, we will definitely be back to have more beers and try the actual food.

Kind E-Gards
Dale Stewart
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  1. Mmm... you're like a tour-guide to all the places I want to visit.

    1. At least you know you would never be bored here :)