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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Antique Pyrex Syphon

Antique Pyrex Syphon

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When we went antiquing on Saturday again, i know second time in two weeks is a bit over the top. However we did find something i have never seen before a Pyrex stove top Syphon. It is a big unit 4 - 6 cups. I would never use it for coffee as it is way too big, Last night Kim wanted some tea so i thought maybe i should try it. When we bought it we did not realise it was missing a piece which is important. 

With out it the unit will not work. I thought i would use my original one from my other syphon and it fitted it. Not perfectly but it looked good enough to work.

With my research i think it is from the early 1950's but was only ever sold in America for about 30 years and they started making them 1920's, you can still find them on As i said i have never seen one so i had to buy it and if it did not work i would use it a display unit like my grinder.

You fill the bottom chamber with water and put it on the stove top.

The filter sits in the top part and the spring goes down the tube and clips on the edge to stop it lifting and creating the pressure.
As the bottom chamber gets hot the pressure forces the water up the tube into the top chamber.

When the top chamber is fill of water it helps create a better suction between the two chambers.

The tea we chose was jasmine pearls and it needed to be soaked in order to awaken the leaves.

We let the pearls boil for about two minutes and turned off the stove as they don't need much brewing.

Once the temperature cools the tea goes down the tube into the lower chamber, we then let it cool for a few minutes and removed the top chamber.
The tea was beautiful and it was so sweet. We could not taste any bitterness at all and because it is pyrex it stayed hot for a long time.
I am glad we bought it even though it was missing a piece.
I hope you enjoyed my experiment.
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart