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Monday, 16 March 2015

De Clieu

De Clieu

We had planned on going to Proud Mary after we did our Cupping session yesterday but they had an hour wait and we only had an hour free so our friend suggested De Clieu. It is a small cafe'and was pretty busy so we sat outside until they had free space inside.

We ordered our water and then got moved straight inside, the cafe has a nice feel to it. They have all the bits and pieces for sale.

They are following the trend with the table displays being cold drips but it still looks pretty. I asked the waitress what sort of filters they served and she had no idea but she was polite and friendly. i spoke to someone else and found out it was a cleverdripper .

I was told they used to sell 7 seeds coffee but now it is 5 senses coffee. I was impressed by the coffee as it had no bitterness.
I normally order the pulled pork bun or something like that but i went completely left field.

I ordered the mango doughnuts and they had coconut milk, coriander, ginger, orange syrup and i could taste rosewater. The doughnut was crispy on the outside but caramalised on the inside. It was sweet but worked really well with the other ingredients. The mango slices where fresh and sweet.
I was really glad i tried them as i have not had doughnuts like that before. It was quiet a large portion so i was pretty full.

I was really impressed with this cafe'as it was very prompt service and not a long wait for a table. no complaints and we will be back again.
Kind e-gards
Dale Stewart
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