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Friday, 28 July 2017

Filter Beans from India & Syphon Recipe

Filter Beans from India 7 Syphon Recipe

I went to Cote Terra on Sunday to have some coffee with friends. While there I bumped into Tess from Tesspresso and she said Joel had roasted some beans from India. Most people have said Indian coffee beans are terrible but you can get terrible beans from anywhere. If you get the best beans youcan make magic happen and these beans are magical. I don't normally make coffee syphons but these beans deserve the best.
The Recipe I used.
16 grams coffee
250 Mls at 94 degrees.

I poured the coffee into the top section and stirred 4 times and at 50seconds i turned off the heat.

Normally i can get some flavours but this was unique,  like earthy tones, sharp flavours but i don't know how to describe it but just awesome.  I also made some pour overs.

I still love making filter coffee's as the flavour can vary so much with each brew.
Kind E-gards