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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

MICE 2017

Mice 2017

For my birthday i was given two tickets to go to the Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2017 and i had always wanted to go but hadn't had the time. This year was different and i was really excited about it.

 The awesome thing was i got to do some cupping and it has been years. I love cupping because you get to try so many different beans and flavours always vary so much.

We met some amazing people and saw some great new products, We have the Frei Press below which is a mixture of an Aeropress / Plunger.

 Iris loved Jibbi and her Jug,  Jibbi is famous for her amazing latte art skills. She has designed a jug to help you  practice and improve with your latte art skills. There is free delivery on purchases in Australia at the moment so get in quick.  Check out her products here and grab some coffee while on her website.

There was so much coffee available to try from plenty of suppliers. I lost count of how many coffees i had but all i know was it was a lot of fun. I wanted to watch the Latte art competition but it was hard with a 6 month old baby, Hopefully next year i will be able to watch it.
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