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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Killer Coffee

Killer Coffee

I have been using killer coffee for the last few weeks and the website and Facebook seem to want you to use a Aeropress. I used the aeropress firstly with 2 different metal filters and the coffee was bitter but super strong. I then tried the paper filter which actually helped with the bitterness but I was still not happy with the flavors. I moved onto the pourover and that did the job, the coffee had no bitterness but was still strong but very smooth. I thought while I have this week off I will make a clever dripper. I use the chemex paper instead of the melitta paper filters and I am happy with its results.

First you put the paper in the clever dripper then fill it half way with hot water. Swirl it around the rinse the rest of the paper. I just leave the hot water in there to heat it up.

I used 13grams of coffee. I  empty out the water then grind the coffee.

I put the coffee in the clever dripper and slowly pour in about 60mls of hot water (90 degrees) and put on the timer, give it soft stir then pour in about 80mls give it one more stir.

I fill it up with 300mls of water.

At about 2min 50 I put it on the Hario glass pourer

It was a great coffee and I really enjoy the coffee more with paper filters. I need to start trying different coffees and that was what this blog was about right Coffee :)
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart