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Saturday, 6 February 2016

D.I.Y Fridge Magnets

D.I.Y Fridge Magnets

We went to America a few years ago and we went to an amazing brewery in Long Island and they had these great fridge magnets so we bought some. I really wanted to make my own so over the last few months I collected random bottle tops.

I did not want them all the same and these are the ones I really liked.
Things you need. Glue gun with glue, felt, small coin and small magnets, I bought them off eBay and it was a couple of dollars for 10 of them.

Step one. Trace around the bottle top on the felt and cut it out

Step two. Glue felt to lid.

 Step three. Glue Magnet to Felt.

Step four. Cut another small piece of felt

Step five. Glue it on top. This protects the fridge from getting scratched and makes it easier to take the magnet off as well.

I love being creative.
Do you think you would make some.
Kind E-gards