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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Random Photos

Random Photos

Over the Christmas break we did a few random things and I took a bunch of photos, I have finally finished editing them.

We had Kim's Christmas party at the Melbourne Aquarium and it was drinks and canap├ęs. We had to pay for me and I was disappointed. It was amazing having all the fish around for a party. It was so dark and I struggled to get many great photos but this is my favourite one. 

I have always wanted to do a Shitmas party and we finally got around to doing it. You know when you have Christmas and someone always gets something and they go but why??? This was the whole purpose of this party. Each person brought a gift to the value of $12 ($12 for 12 days of Christmas).

Everyone put the presents on the Shitmas tree, then we pulled out a number from Viking hat.

We opened the gifts from the highest number to the lowest number.
Gifts included a jar of Nutella with a random name on it, bar of bacon soap, kite, bad taxidermy book, random lantern. For dinner we cooked beer butt chicken.

First take some cans of beer and you get to drink half. We had a pale ale, lager, stout and a ginger beer. Shove it in the chickens butt. Put some olive oil mixed with garlic and herbs on the outside 

You put it in the b.b.q for about an hour at 130 degrees. We had potato's wrapped in foil with some oil, garlic and some with curry powder in as well. The chicken is so moist and tender.

 Its now the only way I will cook a chicken as its fun and easy to do.

 We went to Fairhaven to go body boarding, the waves were just perfect so we spent the most of the day there. It was so quiet and for a 43 degree day it was fabulous but I did get a bit sunburnt.

Just a couple of pics, have you ever cooked a chicken like that?
thanks for reading.
Kind E-gards