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Thursday, 7 January 2016

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

We all have resolutions and for whatever reasons whether it be for health, financial, or the heck of it kind of reasons. Like i have taken up cycling on our exercise bike and that's to loose weight and improve my breathing. We have now been in our house for 1.5 years and we hate the pantry as it was built badly and just annoying so part of our New Year Resolution was to fix it. For Christmas my parents gave us money as a present and we thought what better way to use the money.

So Saturday night I decided to do it and to have a good start to the resolutions. The pantry had three large, deep shelves so you did not know what was at the back and they had tiny shelves underneath so you could not see what was on it.  I thought demolition would take an hour or two hours max. I was wrong as whoever installed it glued it and went crazy with nails. It took about 5 hours of blood, sweat and swearing to remove it.  We finished removing it Sunday morning.

We had to patch up some of my new accidental holes then paint it. Yet again I thought would take a few hours to put together but I then found out the screws it suggested to use did not work so we had to go back to Bunnings and this was about our 4 trip (and many more to go). We finally had the shelves in late Monday night and then restocked it on Wednesday as Tuesday night we had plans.

We still need to do some basic rearranging but we are so much happier with the new panty.
Are you lucky like me and every time you do a reno something goes wrong too or it doesn't "fit" like it should?

Thanks for reading.
kind E-gards
Dale Stewart