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Wednesday, 20 May 2015



Last night we wanted to try something new for our usual cheap(-ish) Tuesday dinner with friends. Our friend was heard about Baotime through a friend who thought it was different and pretty good. A quick Urbanspoon search yielded a reasonable rating so we decided to give it a whirl. The area is annoying to find parking and after circling around we found a spot about down a side street a short walk away. It wasn't too far but i was really hungry and i am lazy.

Baotime was empty, there was another group and our group. Its a moodlit restaurant with cute street-style art on the wall. The drawcard for us was the bao loaded menu. Bao is Chinese for buns usually filled with meat, or even sweet fillings like red bean. The buns are made using riceflour.

We all shared two serves the Mister potato fries between four of us. They are french fries covered in melted butter so they were a bit crunchy but also a bit soggy, still tasty though. I don't think i have ever had fries tossed in butter... first time for everything.

First I had the Cuckoo Bao which was filled with chicken with spicy mozzarella cheese. The chicken was tender and it had a little bit of spice to it.

Then I had a Captain Bao which was Pork belly with crushed peanuts and special sauce, the special sauce tasted like plum sauce with something else. It was tasty but i still wanted more when i finished.

Our attendant was really nice and happy that we had come because our friend suggested it so she gave us a free sample of the Deep Fried Ice cream, the ice cream went well with the chocolate drizzle but the bun was very crispy and heavy. I think the bun could have been a bit lighter to complement the dense ice cream patty but was still very good.

I love Durian but a lot of people don't as it smells quite bad. I really enjoyed it as it was fresh and creamy.

 It was nice to try something different but it was not enough food for myself. It was enough for Kim.  We spent $47 for our dinner so it ended up not being as cheap as we hoped and i was still hungry. If you don't eat a lot, or want a light snack i would suggest giving it a go if you're curious.
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Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart
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