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Thursday, 23 June 2016

A Quick Getaway

A Quick Getaway

We had planned this getaway a few weeks ago and we chose the long scenic route to Adelaide via the great ocean road. Directly it is about 800kms (500 miles) but the path we took was about 1200Kms (800 miles). Every time we head to Adelaide or Halls gap it rains and it bucked down like last time.  We left on Sunday morning and started our journey. We got a beautiful filter coffee at Cartel in the city of Geelong before continuing our journey as we had 6 hours of driving ahead.

We stopped at the lighthouse from the T.V series Round the twist which I have never watched but wanted to actually go to.

 The next stop was at the 12 apostles to have a quick look at what had changed and there were a few less than last time but still lovely to see even though it was raining.

 A bit further down the road I have seen Instagram photos of this place Lock and George. Kim thought it was called Lock ard Gorge and she was right, I had been saying it wrong for a long time.

  We got to our accommodation late and just had local food. The next day we set off to go to Victor Harbor and we had been told to go to the sinkhole in Umpherston .On the way to the sinkhole we went past a sign that said caves? why not drive to have a look?

Do you see anything random?

The caves viewing time would take too long otherwise we would have had a look but it was a beautiful drive down a long road with pine trees all the way across. The Sinkhole was large but they had made it look very pretty.

Next stop was the Big Lobster and the pics looked amazing online. You know when you see pics on google maps then get there and can't stop laughing well this was the same thing.

but what we got was...

It looked like an extra part from X-files, it was sad to see it. We then headed to victor harbor but it was another 4 hours of terrible heavy rain, darkness and crazy trucks. It was pitch black in Victor Harbor but the next day was slightly better.
This was the view from the top of the hill above the accommodation.

   We then went to granite island and did more touristy things.


On the way to the Halls gap we stopped at a few wineries and olive groves.


 We went to the zoo and got up really close to a cheetah. It purred so softly and it makes you think that such a dangerous animal has such a soft side.

 We saw lots of random beautiful animals and it was worth the visit.

It was an amazing trip that we have wanted to do for 8 years, since I have started my new job life has gotten hectic but I will try and update a bit more. Awesome news to come soon but wait for it.
Sorry about the delays
Thanks for reading.
Kind E-gards