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Friday, 19 June 2015

Random Pics

Random Pics
Over the last few weeks I have taken random photos and should have loaded them up. I haven't so i am just putting a few of them up now.

We live about 30 minutes from the beach so every now and again we go for a drive and a bit of a walk. This is Mordiallic and it has a lovely pier to walk down, you can watch people fish and just sit around and chat. 

We went to the grain store and had an amazing meal. It had an awesome selection of food and the coffee was good. It was good to go to a different place for a change.

I have wanted to go to Chez Dre for a while and we finally went. The desserts are fantastic and really different.  The coffee was acceptable, not the worst but not amazing either. I hate being fussy when it comes to coffee.

We had pizza with Kims sisters on the weekend and we went to Gradi in the Casino. I love their pizzas,

We took our old dog Penny for the day on Saturday, we don't see her much as she lives with Kims parents. We had her for a while when we moved out but she could not handle not having company all the time and it was not fair being in a small yard.  We took her to a friends place and they have a Shiba Inu called Nana. Penny does not know how to play with other dogs and never did, she just spends her time smelling random things. She is almost impossible to take for a walk as all she wants to do is smell stuff so she will lie on the grass and not move. Beagles are really stubborn.

I hope you like the pictures and i will take more photos soon.
Kind E-gards
Dale Stewart